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Some Useful Tips to Achieve High-end Outdoor Living Spaces Because of how the recent economy has turned out, a lot of people prefer entertaining at their own homes. Several of these homeowners just want a place where they can relax, enjoy the outdoors, and talk with friends and family. Gone are the days where the backyard is only a place for overgrown grass and your children’s toys, it is now an extension of your home interior. It has become a global trend among several homes to transform their outdoor space mirroring their indoor area. For instance, making the backyard comfortable enough to turn it into either a dining room or a living room or whatever you can think of. The following are some things you should pay close attention to to attain high-end outdoor living spaces.
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When you talk about making over your backyard, you may opt to turn it into a zen garden, pool area, playground area, outdoor hot tub, or an outdoor lounge area. Just remember to choose one that suits your investment and space as well as the needs and preferences of those living in your roof. For example, maintaining a zen garden can be challenging if you have a dog. If you have small kids around, then their safety is of utmost importance when you make them a play area. Proximity is another aspect you should pay close attention to. If you are after creating an outdoor lounge area, then connect it directly to your living room. By doing this, it directly becomes your living room’s extension and your view from the indoor will be improved. In addition, between spaces, the traffic flow will be much easier. The same goes if you plan on having a picnic area or a barbecue area; it should be located near your kitchen. Now when you talk about installing pool areas, make sure that you need not cross the entire house to access the bathroom. The next step would be determining the exact dimensions. If you talk about transforming your outdoor space, it does not literally mean that you take over your entire terrace or backyard. You should be able to determine the ceilings, floors, as well as walls of your area. The floor must be low maintenance and easy to clean. Choosing stone tiles or colored concrete for your floor is a good idea. You may opt for a teak deck with its low maintenance, elegance, and durability. When it comes to your walls, opt for lower vertical elements that are more functional and attractive like container gardens, hedges, or raised beds. If you are more concerned of your privacy and cannot wait for your hedges to grow tall enough, have lattice screens installed. To even provide further privacy, you can place vine plants to grow up your lattice. For your ceiling, it is important that you get to make one that serves the purpose of providing shade and sheltering you from the rain.