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Major Causes Of Heart Diseases

One of the major organs of the body is the heart and is used to pump blood to all the parts of a human body. Heart diseases attack the heart rendering it difficult to do its work. The extent of attack may be great causing the heart to stop thus leading to death. The conditions are also known as the coronary heart diseases caused by the blockage of the arteries, the blood transporting channels. Blood flow id reduced by the increased size of the plaque.

Heart disease have resulted in other heart problems of the heart attack. Heart attack is a condition that results from supply of oxygen to the body due to complete blockage of the arteries. Heart attack causes to a bigger extent the damage of heart muscles. In addition, the heart is associated with other diseases that include; stroke, high blood pressure, and rheumatic heart diseases. A number of heart diseases are caused by factors referred to as lifestyle causes. Lifestyle includes how we live. Lifestyle causes can be prevented.

Smoking is the leading cause of the heart problems and failures. Actually, it is the primary cause of preventable deaths and diseases in most of the countries. Smokers are six times more likely to contract heart diseases than nonsmokers, research shows. Smoking increases and doubles the risk of having stroke and lung cancer respectively. It causes obstruction of lung causing bronchitis and emphysema. For the second hand smokers, also called secondary smokers, it is also easy to get lung problems.
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High blood pressure ranks as one of the principal causes of heart diseases. Hypertension is also known to be a major cause of stroke Major contributors to the disease include family history, overweight and diet. Hypertension is also called a silent killer because it does not show any signs. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood that helps the blood to flow around the body. High blood pressure causes the heart to malfunction due to the damage of the arteries.
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High blood cholesterol is a major risk of contracting heart disease. Cholesterol is a primary requirement for the overall functioning of human body. The body makes the needed cholesterol, and the excess builds in the walls of the arteries. Cholesterol build up in the arteries makes them narrower preventing them to pump blood as required.

Obese and overweight people are at a greater risk of having heart problems. The general rule of dietary is that one should lose as many calories as they absorb. Fats accumulate in the body causing obesity and overweight and in turn make arteries malfunction. Failure to have regular exercises has also contributed to contracting heart diseases. Physical activities help in breaking down calories and cholesterol in the body. People who don’t exercise makes the fat build up in the arteries preventing blood flow. Measure to avoid such heart diseases should be taken to curb further damage.