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How to Get Money Back on Every Purchase

If you are new to the world of saving money through credit card purchases, it can seem a bit daunting at first. I know that I avoided taking on a credit card for a long time, simply because I felt that I did not want to risk going into debt. In my mind, I knew that credit cards would trick me into spending money I did not actually have. And I did not want to get into the downward spiral of ever-increasing debt. But I did not realize that having a credit card can not make enough of a difference in your spending habits alone – it is your mindset that affects whether you will be in debt or not. And once I finally realized just how much a credit card could do for me, I never looked back.


In fact, beyond never looking back, I became a credit card advocate after I began benefitting from American Express cards and Groupon Coupons. My American Express card does cost me $79 per year to have. That number made me think twice before signing up, but I quickly realized the math was in my favor. With 6% cash back on every grocery store purchase, and a family that spends over $2,000 at the grocery store each year, I was going to get back $120 from grocery store purchases alone. As long as I remained diligent about using my American Express card at the grocery store check out, I could be … Read More

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Your Guide to Loans

There are a lot of things that you need to know about loans and one of which is that people feel confused about them since they come in different types. What you will be able to see below are the common loans that you will be able to encounter.

The first loan that you will encounter is none other than the credit personal loan. This is the kind of loan that is best suited for people that have a bad credit rating. If the property that you have has an equity then what is bound to happen is that you will be able to have your normal life once again. For you to be able to avail of the bad credit personal loan will make all of this happen. Your home will not only be secured with the bad credit personal loan but you will also be able to have the car that you want and also the home improvements that you want as well.

The small business administration loan is as a matter of fact the most common way for you to be able to get the best interest rate. The commercial real estate loans can as a matter of fact be backed up by the small business administration loan. It is the bank that will evaluate the involved risk factor and through the help of the small business administration loan it will now be lower. There are two major reasons as to why the … Read More